General Practice

Estate Law & Estate Administration

Estate planning is for everyone, regardless of the size of their estate. In fact, passing away without a will or trust in place can create serious family discord and leave the ultimate division of your assets to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's intestacy statute. Fortunately, you can work to minimize potential conflicts and ensure your wishes are met by creating a comprehensive estate plan that protects you and your loved ones. When you work with Ody & Wilson, in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, you can be confident you have selected a law firm focused on meeting your needs and protecting your best interests. With more than 40 years of experience in estate planning and probate administration, our attorneys know how to help you effectively plan for the future. Careful estate planning often involves more than just writing a simple will. You want to be certain that your family is provided for after your demise, as well as plan for a future in which you may become incapacitated. At Ody & Wilson, we are prepared to help you navigate the estate planning process and establish the following legal instruments: Simple or complex will and trusts, Guardianships and conservatorships, Powers of attorney, Living wills / Dying declarations and Estate Administration. When a loved one passes away, dealing with the legalities may be the furthest thing from your mind. You need time to grieve. However, initiating the probate process will soon become necessary. Rather than having to manage estate administration and probate while you are still suffering, allow our lawyers to smoothly and efficiently navigate the process. We will handle your loved one's estate and deal any will contests which may arise

Real Estate & Real Estate Litigation

For many people, purchasing a piece of residential or commercial real estate is one of the largest and most important investments they will ever make. Making sure that every detail is properly addressed is therefore of the utmost importance. Retaining the services of an experienced real estate law attorney can help ensure that your transaction reflects your wishes as well as prevent future legal complications. We have the skill and resources that many people believe can only be found in a large law firm. We provide dedicated assistance with the following real estate matters: Buy/Sell Agreements, Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings, Title Searches, Title Insurance and Clarification of Title to Real Estate, Commercials and Residential Leases, Oil & Gas Leases, and, Real Estate Disputes Regarding Property Lines, Waterways, and Roads.

Business & Municipal Law

It takes considerable work and a significant amount of careful planning to make your business dreams a reality. As part of this careful planning, you must account for every legal issue, including selection of the appropriate operating entity. At Ody & Wilson, we will discuss the pros and cons of various business entities, carefully explaining tax implications and liability factors involved in establishing corporations, partnerships or limited liability corporations (LLCs). Once your choice of operating entity has been made, we can assist you in drafting various business documents, including articles of incorporation, employment contracts, lease agreements and bylaws, among others. We currently serve as corporate counsel for several area businesses. In this role, we assist our clients with the legalities involved in their day to day operations. For example, we often draft and review contracts, or work to proactively prevent business disputes. In the event a dispute cannot be settled through negotiation or mediation, we will aggressively pursue business litigation. Our attorneys have significant experience serving as solicitors. We presently serve as solicitor to over five municipalities in Huntingdon County and enjoy the opportunity to serve our communities and provide legal advice to elected officials.

Construction Litigation

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Legal disputes are fairly common in the construction arena. A homeowner may feel a contractor built their new home improperly. A business owner may cite poor workmanship as their justification for withholding payment. A contractor may have difficulty collecting on a mechanic's lien. Whatever the issue, it is often necessary to pursue construction litigation to reach an effective resolution. At Ody & Wilson, we represent contractors, homeowners and business owners involved in construction-related disputes throughout Huntingdon County and greater Pennsylvania. Whether you require defense in a construction litigation action taken against you or wish to pursue legal action against another party, we are prepared to stand by your side. Contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs. Construction litigation cases are often very fact intensive, requiring an aggressive investigation to determine or defend against liability. Having handled many real estate law concerns and construction matters, we know how to prepare and develop a wholly compelling case. We are Fully Prepared to Protect Your Best Interests in the Following Matters: Faulty Construction Claims, Design Approval, Payment dDsputes, Mechanics Liens, Contractual Warranty Claims and Insurance Claims.

Divorce & Family Law

From complex divorce cases to adoption and custody matters, we handle all aspects of family law. We can help you with all of the issues and problems that a person encounters when going through a divorce.
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